GO outside GROW inside



About Court Outdoors

Nurturing personal empowerment and connection to nature through paddle based experiences.

Court Outdoors was created out of a passion for spending time outdoors as a way to access self discovery and is guided by the philosophy

GO outside GROW inside.

Courtney shares personal reflections & offers empowering outdoor experiences stand up paddling experiences and retreats in nature, designed for connecting within.


The outdoors is a canvas for experiences - offering peace, freedom, play, healing, rejuvenation, connection, and inspiration. Experiences support the exploration of both external and internal landscapes and create space to breathe and access our power center - the place within ourselves where we can hear our own voice clearly and feel strongly aligned and connected to ourselves.    

Through paddle based outdoor programming, writing, and personal leadership activities Courtney turns to nature as a mirror which guides and nurtures a sense of self and fosters a strengthened relationship to the outdoors. 


The first time I tried stand up paddling I felt a wave of relief wash over my body saying, 'Ahhhhh, HERE you are. Where have you been?' -- Since then I've fallen more in love with paddling (and being outside) with every blade stroke I've buried. I continue to gain experience and learn more about myself on the water through marathon SUP racing and developing whitewater/river skills. Wilderness paddling has my heart. 

- Paddle Canada Advanced Flatwater Stand Up Paddle Instructor
- Paddle Canada River II SUP Skills (Paddlefit)
- Wilderness First Aid 16 hr  (Wilderness Medical Associates)
- Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Skills Introduction Tandem (Leaders of the Day)
- Paddle Canada Canoe Tripping Skills Introduction Tandem and Solo (Leaders of the Day)

With a deep and growing connection to nature and self I simply offer possibilities for others to experience personal growth outdoors through paddling day excursions and wilderness weekend retreats.  My facilitation style is empowering, adventurous, intuitive, and playful.

See you on the water,
Courtney Sinclair



Retreats at Northern Edge Algonquin

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Paddling Experiences

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Ultra-Endurance Racing

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SUP Lessons

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SUP Basecamping

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