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Algonquin Paddling & Nature Retreat
Northern Edge Algonquin
JUNE 22-24, 2018

Wilderness and Water
Algonquin Paddling + Nature Retreat

Retreat Date: June 22 - June 24, 2018
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Skill Level: Beginner + Intermediate canoe or SUP
Location: Northern Edge Algonquin, South River, Ontario
Retreat Guide + Instructor: Courtney Sinclair
Pricing: $668 per person, all inclusive
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Questions? courtney@courtsinclair.com // tim@northernedgealgonquin.ca
Retreat Includes:
- Shared cabin accommodations
- All meals from arrival dinner to departure lunch
- All equipment and activities (sauna, canoe, stand up paddleboard, bikes, and more)
- Paddling instruction
- Paddle Canada Flatwater Stand Up Paddleboarding Skills Certification
- Paddling swag bags with gear and goodies from supporters OluKai, Kaenon, Paddle Canada, The Hemp Cookie Co., Rapid Media, and Upper Ottawa River Race

Register at https://www.northernedgealgonquin.ca/book-now/
Select 'Jun 22 - Jun 24: Wilderness + Water Retreat with Court Outdoors' under Event or Trip
>>>SAVE $75 off with code save75 by Mon June 11 at 9 am<<<

At this retreat you will...

Learn and develop paddling skills (canoe + SUP)
Paddleboard and canoe into an Algonquin sunrise
Find rest and relaxation on the edge of Algonquin Park
Sauna and swim under the stars
Breathe in your surroundings
Adventure out of your comfort zone
Feel confident and safe on the water
Learn to plan a day trip (gear, float plan, weather)
Play, laugh, and have fun with new friends in the wilderness
Find peace on the dock
Enjoy delicious local food
Immerse yourself in the present
Be free from technology
Connect with yourself and nature
Hear: the call of a loon and the crackle of a bonfire
See: wildlife, sunrise over the lake, a sky full of stars
Smell: the heat of the sauna, an evening tea by the water

SUP Certifications


At the Wilderness and Water Retreat you will have the opportunity to earn Paddle Canada Basic or Advanced Flatwater Stand Up Paddleboarding Skill Certifications. Whether a beginner or intermediate paddler, Courtney will work with you at your current skill level towards your desired qualification. Learning and developing skills will take place over the entire weekend on both land and water.

Basic and advanced certifications will cover elements of safety, paddling skills, and knowledge and will leave you feeling comfortable and confident with assessing conditions and having fun on waterways! All participants of the retreat will leave with a Basic Skills certificate. Guests who wish to continue developing skills towards the advanced certification will have the opportunity to do so.

Standing up, falling safely, understanding and assessing conditions, choosing a board and paddle, paddling in windy conditions, safety equipment, resources, history, strokes (forward, brace, sweep), launching from a dock and shore

Towing, launching in waves, foot positions, pivot turns, bracing, edging, draw strokes, efficient forward stroke, environment, risk assessment and management

Day 1 - Welcome / Waterfront Paddling / Paddleboarding + Canoe Skills / Sauna

*subject to change based on weather and group skills

Day 2 - Sunrise SUP Meditation / Gear + Planning / Island Adventure / SUP Under the Stars / Bonfire

Day 3 - Algonquin River Paddle / Waterfront Skills / Sauna

Activities & Waterfront


The Edge waterfront on Kawawaymog Lake is gorgeous with a sandy bottom that is great for swimming! A floating platform is a beautiful spot for meditation, yoga practice, or reading a book.

Equipment is included and available for free time including canoes, bicycles, and stand up paddle boards. Turtle Shell Activity Centre is the home of the outdoor equipment including first aid kits, dry bags, and rain suits that may be used for our paddling excursions. In the evenings we will enjoy a wood fired sauna and the firepit. 

If you have a paddleboard that you would like to bring to use on the retreat please let Courtney know. 



Accommodations at the Edge are simple yet comfortable and take you back to enjoying the basics. On this retreat you will lay your head down in a cozy cabin nestled in among the trees. Step outside your cabin door at night to take in the view of your million star hotel. 
2 nights shared accommodations are included. If you are travelling with a friend you may request to be roommates.

Canvas cabin* - Wood and canvas structure allows natural light in. Unheated. Get closer to nature with this option :) ... Courtney's favourite cabin style as it's best for hearing the loons!
Habitat cabin* - Wooden cabin. Heated.
Studio cabin - Wooden cabin. Heated. En-suite bathroom with composting toilet and running water.

*washrooms and showers just a short walk away
**Book early for first choice on cabin style!!

Meals & Dining


Mealtime at the Edge is memorable! Chef Gregor will dazzle your taste buds through the preparation of globally far-flung tastes with provincially produced foods. Ingredients come from the Edge garden (home grown veggies!), local gardens and Ontario farms, as well as selecting locally raised meat, and organically grown fair trade coffee. 

Meals take into account specialty food restrictions for health and personal reasons ensuring each individual's needs are looked after.

Snacks and tea are available at all times. 



The Edge has low carbon, sustainable, eco-friendly facilities and was recognized by TripAdvisor as a PLATINUM LEVEL GreenLeader for their outstanding commitment to sustainable tourism operations and eco-friendly practices.

Points North: this is our retreat 'living room' - a gathering area featuring a bright studio space, a lounge, and full bathrooms and showers. This is where we'll laugh and have tea and dessert late at night and make music together upstairs. 

Mainhouse: Facing Kawawaymog Lake, the mainhouse is where we'll share meals, connect over washing our dishes, borrow books, and enjoy the view on the Hive deck.

Register at https://www.northernedgealgonquin.ca/book-now/
Select 'Jun 22 - Jun 24: Wilderness + Water Retreat with Court Outdoors' under Event or Trip
>>>SAVE $75 off with code save75 by Mon June 11 at 9 am<<<

Retreat Guide and Paddling Instructor: Courtney Sinclair

photo: amanda urbanski

Courtney is a lover of laughter and new adventures. She seeks to provide opportunities for you to connect with the natural world through outdoor experiences. She feels most in her element on the water and loves to explore new waterways. She is a Paddle Canada Advanced Flatwater SUP Instructor, ultra-distance marathon paddler, Paddling Magazine contributor, and program host at Northern Edge Algonquin. Courtney was first introduced to stand up paddling at Northern Edge Algonquin and can't wait to share her love of paddling on Kawawaymog Lake with you!

Paddling Swag Bags

All participants of the 'Wilderness + Water' Algonquin Paddling and Nature Retreat will receive paddling swag bags with gear and goodies from the following retreat supporters: OluKai, Kaenon, Paddle Canada, The Hemp Cookie Co., and Upper Ottawa River Race.
#builtforoutsiders #OluKai #AnywhereAloha



"Both the Edge and Courtney are the kind of connections I hope will last a lifetime. The Edge is a magical place where people experience a sense of coming home, a returning to their true selves. When we unplug from our daily distractions, what's left is a whole lot of clear breathing room in the present moment, where all ordinary comes to life. And Courtney is like the sun, shining her warm light on all those around her, helping everyone grow into their glowing potential. Through her encouraging smile, her kind words, her supportive presence, and depth of experience in facilitating retreat and outdoor experiences, she opens up a magnitude of possibilities in a timeless place of wonder. Have you ever imagined what it would be like breathe new life, inspiration, and confidence into your existence? Courtney knows of some special gateways through nature to help us get out of the imagining and into the being."

-Gwenith Kikkawa


“It was a weekend of many 'firsts' for me, with Court Outdoors Desire Mapping and SUP water play Retreat (in 2016).  Paddleboarding, Desire Mapping, and being the only guy in the crew, to name just a few. We stayed at the oasis of Northern Edge Algonquin and ate and slept and sauna and water played and dreamed to my hearts end.

Courtney is an amazing Natural guider, whether on the water, hiking, campfire snacking , or on the inner Landscape of the soul. She shines in the Elements and brings it forth in all who are around her‎, in safety and respect for whatever level of ability I was comfortable at.

Learning, growing ‎, sharing, getting comfortable in whatever '1sts' adventures came up was a joy with Court Outdoors. 

I will be returning! Thanks for an amazing weekend!" 

 - Eric Esko Jalonen

Register at https://www.northernedgealgonquin.ca/book-now/
Select 'Jun 22 - Jun 24: Wilderness + Water Retreat with Court Outdoors' under Event or Trip
>>>SAVE $75 off with code save75 by Mon June 11 at 9 am<<<


Northern Edge Algonquin is situated on Kawawaymog Lake, Algonquin Park’s #1 Canoe-In access point. Driving directions can be found here on the Northern Edge Algonquin website.


What is the cancellation policy?
The cancellation policy for the Retreat may be found here. The policy is of the host Northern Edge Algonquin.