SUP + Desire Map Retreat
Wilderness Resort & Retreat
Sechelt, British Columbia
September 7-9, 2016

A weekend retreat for connecting
to your wild within.

 Activities include stand up paddling, Desire Map sessions, fishing, hiking, creative writing, and living art mandala creation.

photo: lindyn williams

photo: lindyn williams

On this weekend retreat immersed in nature you will:

Clarify what you truly want in every area of your life, and use that powerful awareness to guide your choices to move in the direction of your desires. Dig deep into what you want your life to feel like and discover your Core Desired Feelings - a guidance system for your decision making. Explore your perceptions around "feeling" and goal setting. Examine how you drive and strive, and see where in your life you experience freedom - and where you want more of it. Feel liberated and in control of your personal power to manifesting the way you want to feel. 


The Desire Map Experience: 

Guided workshops including;
Getting clear on your relationship to feelings, achievements, and desire. Re-framing goal setting and understanding the power of joy along your journey. 
>Identifying current gratitude and dissatisfaction in all areas of your life. Creating space for empowered growth. 
>Exploring how you most desire to feel in 5 areas of your life and discovering the feelings that guide you to be your best self.
   // Lifestyle + Livelihood
   // Creativity + Learning
   // Body + Wellness
   // Relationships + Society
   // Essence + Spirituality
>Creating small actionable goals to bring more joy and happiness into your life now.
>Feeling supported and empowered in aligning your life to feel the way you have always wanted it to feel. 
>Recognizing your power to get your head and heart dancing to the same {LOVELY} tune. 



3 days / 2 nights AT WILDERNESS RESORT



*** Boat departs Sechelt marina on September 7 at 1:30 pm and returns on Sept 9 at 1:15 pm


SAVE $200 with code 'beautifulBC' until August 26


All Inclusive $729/person
**Use code 'beautifulBC' for $200 off until Aug 26

A $350 deposit (non-refundable) will be required at the time of booking to secure your spot on the Wild Within Desire Map + SUP Retreat in British Columbia. The balance is to be paid 35 days prior to the retreat date (balance due by August 2, 2016). 

Cancellation Policy
Prior to 35 days: $350 deposit
Under 35 days: No refund

Payments for the deposit and retreat can be made by email transfer to courtney@courtsinclair.com or through 'add to cart' on the website.


DAY 1: You find yourself on the beautiful Sunshine Coast as you hop aboard a boat to take you on a scenic ride over the water to begin your nature based personal growth retreat. You arrive at a private luxury wilderness resort; a coastal rain forest retreat center with stunning ocean views and mountain backdrops. You find your ocean view platform nestled along the shoreline - simple, cozy, and comfortable. You know you are in the right place when you connect with like minded people who are alongside you to spend time in nature reflecting, exploring, playing, and diving into the role of feelings, desires, and goal setting in your lives. You can feel yourself beginning to come back to who you truly are - you have the time and space to really get to know yourself again. You fall asleep smiling. 

DAY 2: You rise with the sun, stepping out of your platform tent to dip your toe in the water. You breathe in the fresh air, imagining the morning mist filling your lungs and hydrating you. You enjoy this quiet time to read, journal, or simply enjoy the stillness and the view.  You dig deeper into the Desire Map process and get clear on how you desire to feel in 5 areas of your life: Livelihood & Lifestyle, Creativity & Learning, Body & Wellness, Relationships & Society, and Essence & Spirituality. You tune into your heart until you are vibrating on the frequency of imagination, possibility, and desire. You enjoy the time outside to find stillness and clear your mind and you're feeling just adventurous enough to try stand up paddling! With each moment you can feel the layers of your everyday 'roles' shedding; you let go of who you are told to be, and just be. 

DAY 3: The morning greets you full of promise. You feel inspired. You explore the hiking trails and create a living art mandala with natural foraged materials before making soul anchored declarations. You get clear on your Core Desired Feelings -- a GPS to your soul. You are in tune to your personal power to create feeling the way you want to feel in your life, each and every day. You've mapped out small intentional actions that you will make a part of your personal Desire Map practice. You dip your toes in the water one last time before heading home on a boat cruise along the inlet, feeling fully refreshed and energized. You know nature will always support you. You have connected to your wild within.  

All Inclusive $729/person

**Use code 'beautifulBC' for $200 off until Aug 26

About Wilderness Resort & Retreat

wilderness resort offers 125 acres of pristine wilderness and 2 km of waterfront within the sechelt inlet provincial marine park on the sunshine coast. a fishing, kayaking, hiking and scuba diving paradise, the inlet is one of bc's best kept secrets. 


Surrounded by water on three sides including Sechelt Inlet's only salt water lagoon means that the rainforest camp site has numerous swimming, snorkeling, and beach combing spots. 

Wilderness Resort offers miles of trials, hand-cut through the 125 acre property. 

Stand up paddling equipment and lessons included. 

The yoga deck with stunning inlet views may be used for your personal yoga practice and for Desire Map sessions.

3.5 hr fishing/prawning/crabbing sailing trip included


Enjoy your stay in an oceanfront luxury 'glamping' tent platform.

All tents are nestled along the shoreline surrounded by rainforest with ocean views. The ‘wilder’ tents are located 10-15 minutes stroll along winding old-growth trails from the convenience of the Hub. Guests staying here have the convenience of an outhouse with outdoor shower, a BBQ deck and primitive outdoor kitchen.

  • Comfortably sleeps 2 guests in 2 single beds
  • Cedar floors and feature walls give a ‘cabin’ feel
  • Cozy luxury duvets
  • Waterfront decks with steps to beach/ocean
  • 2 doors – front to the ocean deck and back to the forest
  • Screened windows for fresh air
  • Accessible by beautiful old-growth forest trails
  • 12×12 local cedar platform construction +12×4 deck
  • Most tents have private picnic areas
  • Solar/battery powered lighting
  • Outhouses and outdoor showers are close by
  • BBQ and picnic areas close-by
  • Access to flush toilets, warm showers, cooking at the Hub

2 nights shared accommodations are included. If you are travelling with a friend you may request to be roommates.


Dine on a stunning panoramic restaurant deck with views of the ocean, sunset, mountain and forest. 

The chefs specialize in west coast cuisine with fresh salads, herbs, picked straight from the on-site farm. Dishes are often featuring fresh caught seafood and meats from the renowned local butcher.

Please notify of any food allergies or dietary restrictions. 


The Hub is the amenity centre for guests staying in the oceanfront tents. Two modern showers and flush toilets are part of the Hub amenities.

  • Commercial stove, griddle, grill
  • Coffee maker
  • Fridge, freezer
  • 2 wood panelled bathrooms with toilet and hot shower
  • Wrap-around dining deck with panoramic view
  • Power points and re-charging area
  • Wi-Fi
  • Solar/battery powered lighting

All Inclusive $729/person

**Use code 'beautifulBC' for $200 off until Aug 26

About Courtney & Testimonials

PhOto: marie scholz

PhOto: marie scholz

Courtney is a lover of laughter and new adventures. As a Desire Map Facilitator she is passionate about leading by example and embracing her desires, making you feel at home with yourself while encouraging you to be hungry for more, and supporting you along your incredible journey. Her Core Desired Feelings are strong, wild within, sun-kissed, rad, and 'party in my heart'. Courtney loves meditation + yoga, reading, walking with her dog, and most of all -- stand up paddle. She feels most in her element on the water and loves to explore new waterways. 

“The revelations, creative fuel and clarity I gained on the Desire Map Retreat are unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The changes I’ve made already are incredible and I cannot wait until next year!  Courtney’s facilitation style was equal parts comforting and empowering. She created a sacred space for us to dig deep and explore our heart’s desires. Her sense of adventure and genuine passion for the Desire Map material and Mother Earth was infectious and inspirational. Thanks to her, I feel totally realigned and ready to take on the world.”
- Alex Weber // High Vibe Life Coach @ True North Life Design
I attended the Desire Map Retreat at a time of crisis. Recently going through a bad break up, I was in a confusing place, little did I know that the retreat would begin to transform my life into one that I was proud to live. The hosts, the atmosphere, the conversations and the connection I felt with other 'retreaters' ignited something in me that was passionate, focused and trusting of the trying times life had thrown me. I still believe that the Desire Map Retreat helped me launch my life into a new place where I am now fearlessly travelling Asia and I am actually living the life I always dreamed of. 
- Marie Scholz
The way Courtney facilitates the Desire Map is truly unique by
providing these beautiful and powerful outdoor experiences that allow you to step outside of your comfort zone to step back into yourself; reconnecting to how and what you want to feel in your life both personally and professionally, showing you how the journey to the destination can feel just as good as the arrival."

- Amanda Urbanski // Amanda Urbanski Creative Photography
Courtney is a straight up glitter bomb of love. So, so bright and luminous. Her energy and aliveness is completely contagious and she has so much to teach about living with heartfelt intention and desire. I feel so incredibly blessed to have spent the day learning from her and to have her in my life. 
- Shannon MacLaggan // White Pine Yoga Studio Owner

All Inclusive $729/person

**Use code 'beautifulBC' for $200 off until Aug 26



I’m new to Desire Mapping – is this still for me? Yes, yes, yes! This workshop is designed for both those who have never taken part in the Desire Mapping process as well as those who are familiar but want to go deeper and take things to the next level.

I've Desire Mapped before - is this still for me? Yes, yes, yes! This retreat will provide the space for you to reconnect back into your body & nature and to listening to your feelings as a guide. Your core desired feelings naturally evolve as you experience life events, transitions, and natural/personal seasons so it is important to revisit and evolve them.  

What should I bring? You will be notified of all the details by email prior to the retreat. For the workshop portion: please bring a journal + pen, and a sacred object (something with meaning + is personal to you). You will want to bring running shoes and sandals, a bathing suit, flash light, light jacket, a towel, and personal hygiene items (full facilities are available). You may also want to bring a hat, sunscreen, a book... 

What is Desire Mapping? Desire Mapping is a tool for clarifying what you TRULY want in every area of your life and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices to move in the direction of your desires. 
You may be called to a Desire Map Retreat if any of the following is true for you:
- You feel like you will be happy WHEN (you lose 10 lbs, get a new job... )
- You feel stuck or out of touch with your passion
- You have momentum and want to ensure your goals align with your heart
- You seek growth, personal discovery, and time to dream about how you would like your life to feel like
- You want to live more intentionally
- You have a major decisions coming up and seek to make them from an empowered place
- You want to create space to listen to your heart and not just your mind
- You are tired of just getting by or feel 'good' but not GREAT
- You want to show up for your life in bigger way and ignite a spark within you!

What will I gain from this retreat experience?
- Clarity surrounding gratitude and dissatisfaction in different areas of your life
- Fully value your feelings, knowing that they are meant to be felt and that they are acting as a compass for you
- Feel liberated, a lightness, and your heart cracked open
- Have connected more fully with yourself and tapped into your power to manifest your desires
- Enhance your ability to listen to your heart and allow it to lead
- Hold space for yourself to dream
- Have shared your insights; creating support for the journey of the community
- Create small intentional actions for yourself to move towards where you want to be
- Complete exercises supporting your personal growth
- Shift your perspective on goal setting and achievement
- Develop your Core Desired Feelings -- your guidance system for decision making to live in alignment with feeling good

Desire Map Workshops are the perfect way to transform your approach to decision making & goal setting. Gift yourself clarity and embrace the shift to move in the direction of your desires