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MEC #MYHOMEWATERS: Behind the Image



As featured on the MEC blog

1. Where was this image taken and who is in the photo?
My SUP-pup Sully and I are getting a lift from the dragon kite on Mink Lake (near the village of Eganville, Ontario).

2. Flying a kite from a stand up paddleboard is pretty unique. What inspired you to try this move? I'm always thinking of new ways to have fun! In winter, I flew a kite out on a frozen lake, and at that point it was clear what I had to do once summer arrived. Getting the kite to fly from my SUP was a challenge because it wasn't particularly windy that day, so I just held it as high as I could in one hand and used my other one to paddle and attempt to get some speed. Sully sat still during launch and really enjoyed the ride.

3. What about this image captures your perfect freshwater experience? To have any experience - whether it be one of adventure, curiosity, solitude, inspiration, or lightheartedness - that connects me with water is my perfect freshwater experience. This particular shot captured playfulness and excitement.

4. What do you love about this body of water? What sets these waters apart? Mink Lake and all of the lakes in the Ottawa Valley are recreation hots pots. These lakes are a paddler's paradise and provide beautiful swimming, secret fishing holes, accessible wilderness, and are home to many campsites. All the locals and visitors to the area have a body of water that's special to them (Lake Clear, Lake Dore, or Golden Lake to name a few). 

5. What does access to clean, fresh water mean to you and how you recreate? Clean, fresh water allows me the opportunity to play and explore. It means not being afraid to jump (or fall) in, to be able to swim with my dog, and to enjoy paddling with the fish. These waters provide thriving ecosystems to be discovered and appreciated. The quality of our water hugely impacts the quality of our lives. 

6. What motivates you to get outside and be active? I really like to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature (Sully would tell you that he enjoys the smells the most). Outside is a place for discovery and to connect with the natural world. It is a place of beauty and wonder. It is a playground. Being active outside can be very exhilarating and provides you with that very valuable 'fresh air energy', but it also allows you to be still and slow down your pace.

7. What's your one piece of must-have gear or apparel for all of your water activities? My GoProHERO3+ camera. I can wear it or hold it, and it mounts on my paddle or SUP so I can capture memories without stepping out of the moment. Its waterproof casing means I can use it underwater and it can fall in with me! When I look at the footage it is always full of smiles and laughter.  

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