GO outside GROW inside

Are you willing?

I have a little tale for you about a girl; a girl who went off into the forest for a few days to breathe fresh air and learn from the earth. When she emerged she was in the flow. She had dreams running in her veins. She was weaving her future into creation. She was leading herself.

Here's the scoop - here's what went down in the forest. She:
Let go. Gave hugs. Laughed. Received love. Used her voice. Shed tears. Retrieved a power animal. Sang. Played the drum. Bathed in sound. Danced in the snow (yes, the snow). Slept in the top bunk, in a cabin in the woods. Listened to the loons. Carried around a dream stick. Jumped in the lake. Remembered. Celebrated with a tree. Felt the magic. Stepped up for herself. Dreamt a big dream.

She did this because she was WILLING.

Wiling to believe, willing to share her story, willing to trust, willing to be taught, willing to teach, willing to experience, willing to remember, willing to sit with herself, willing to become.

And her story is just beginning.

Yours can too. This morning you are invited to grab your journal and really sit with & explore each of these questions. Your greatest story begins when you are willing to write it.

Am I willing?
To be uncomfortable
To expand
To see what I'm made of
To fail
To put it all out there
To leave it all behind
To risk SUCCESS.
To commit
To argue for my abilities
To fight for it
To be all in
To come face to face with my edge
To explore the depths of myself
To accept responsibility