GO outside GROW inside

I'm a canoer.

I would never really call myself a canoer - I don't feel like I can back that title up with experience or skill. I haven't logged the necessary hours in the boat or portaged 5 miles to school, uphill both ways ;) I haven't earned it - I simply don't have the calluses to show for it. Yet I'm doing it.. this fall I am racing with a <badass> partner in a 24 hr, 130 km marathon canoe race. I think about and act towards the success of this goal everyday in some way, shape, or form and I have noticed the one nagging thought that keeps showing up that is getting in my way is 'but I'm not a canoer'... and I actually believe it. How crazy is it that we are so quick to argue against ourselves and find ways to create space for our excuses to actually exist. With this awareness now I am pulling all of the energy out of that excuse. Mindset shift /// Hello, I'm Courtney - and I'm a canoer.